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period. is a period preparation kit for prepubescent people which includes the essentials to maneuver their first period: daytime and nighttime pads, painkillers and a heating pad.

Although periods are natural, there is still a stigma that surrounds them even today. period. aims to break this stigma, which is what influenced the product name and choice of colour palette. As seen through research, the design of period products usually avoids this kind of directness, masking the fact that they are period products.

period. also offered a redesign of the pad packaging, offering a pouch which makes it easier for users to keep for later disposal. Written cues are strategically placed on the inside of the pouch flap, prompting the user to keep said pouch. The flimsy plastic packaging was replaced with a sleeve that wraps around 12 pads, with instructions included on the back of the sleeve.

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