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Interested in working with me,
or simply having a chat (virtual, of course)?

Send me an email!

I am a recent graduate from the York University and Sheridan College Bachelor of Design (YSDN) program. Although I would consider myself quite versatile in terms of design, I tend to gravitate towards prints work such as branding, editorial & book design as well as package design. But I do hold a special place in my heart for coding and I always will.

I think I've always been the type of person looking for any kind of creative outlet, whether it be dabbling in art and photography, taking dance lessons or participating in the school musical. Design was introduced to me at a time where I felt lost in life, and I couldn't be more happy to have found my path.


  • I have an obsession with cats, but you already knew that, right?

  • I am from a small town outside of Montréal (oui, je suis bilingue!)​

  • You can catch me playing either Animal Crossing or any Legend of Zelda game on my Switch (best purchase ever)

  • Trying to be a good plant mom — currently sitting at a 60% success rate (RIP to my previous plant children)

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